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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

December's Gonna Be Pretty Rockin'....

For whatever reason, the only good concerts I can remember attending in the chilly month of December have been Phish concerts; in particular, NYE 1996, a few Massachusetts shows on their 1995 New Year's Run, and 12/2/95 from the New Haven Coliseum, which featured a version of the song "Tweezer" that could convert even the most die-hard Billyburg snob into a bonafide Phishhead.

But this December is shaping up to be rather memorable and pleasant (provided I pass the Bar). Billboard has announced that this New Year's Eve, Wilco is headlining Madison Square Garden with Sleater-Kinney and the Flaming Lips. Three hugely popular indie rock bands in "America's Most Famous Arena"? Strikes me as a little odd, but this doesn't mean I won't go. Come to think of it, it's a win-win; you figure tickets won't cost much more than $60, which is still a heck of a lot less than you'd pay for open bar at some hipster joint with a lousy DJ and overdressed patrons.

Then you've got the comeback of Yo La Tengo's "8 nights of Hannukah" shows at Maxwell's, an oasis in the otherwise thriving center of cheesy East Coast night life that is Hoboken. A bit of a hike from the PATH train, but well worth it. Hannukah comes early this year - starts on December 7th. Tickets are available on Ticketweb now. Don't delay as this most certainly will sell out.

What else....Ted Leo and the Pharmacists are at the Bowery on December 11th, and some band playing like 17 nights at the Hammerstein called the Pixies. Here's hoping you already have tickets for the latter, because you ain't gettin' them now.

In not exactly related news, albeit evidence that the apocalypse is frightfully near, Billboard has also reported that a Kenny G "Duets" album is in the works, with one song featuring the pipes of underage songbird Leann Rimes alongside G's smooth soprano sax covering Bryan Adams' "Everything I Do (I Do It For You)." Wow wa wee wa wah!


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