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Monday, October 18, 2004

Further Proof that Shea Stadium is Built atop the Gates of Hell...

Anybody actually watch the Cards/Astros game yesterday? I did. Astros closer Brad Lidge is unbelievable. But check this quote from The Astros' Homepage

But Wheeler stepped into a situation that was every bit the stopper situation, and he came through when the Astros needed him. The Astros had just tied the game with two runs in the bottom of the sixth, and Wheeler shut down the heart of the Cardinals' order in the seventh.

Yup, they're talking about former Met Dan Wheeler, a sinker ball pitcher in the sense that his pitches usually sank about 400 feet from home plate. A hapless reliever whom the Mets only used in long relief or mop up situations, and it was usually he who needed to be mopped up by inning's end. Now he's become arguably the strongest set-up man out of the Astros bullpen in the playoffs. What gives? What is it about the Mets and Shea Stadium that keeps players from reaching their full potential? Tear it down, says I.


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