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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Live From the Witch Trials cont.....

Surprise, surprise, the NY Spankees managed to pull last night's game out with a 10-7 win, but not before watching a commanding 8-0 lead shrink to 8-7. Has to make you wonder, if the BoSox can rally for 7 runs in two innings with Mike Mussina, NY's supposed "ace" on the mound, what's gonna happen when Boston faces a hit or miss loser like Kevin Brown or Javier "why oh why did I leave Montreal" Vasquez? Regardless, even I was surprised to see Mussina instantly breakdown in the 7th after pitching 6 incredible innings. Said breakdown usually occurs in the 4th or 5th, so I thought maybe he'd beaten his own odds for once and was going to go for 9. Nah. It would have been nice for Boston to come out with a win, but if nothing else, at least they kept things interesting.

Game 2 looms. Will Pedro come up with anything resembling a return to form? Will Boston hit Lieber better than managed to do in that 14-4 drubbing from a few weeks back? Is Game 2 a must win for the BoSox? It'd be nice, but methinks not when there's still 3 games to be played at Fenway.

At any rate, I'm being strongarmed (albeit not entirely unwillingly) into a CMJ show tonight, so I won't find out until I get home. Stupid CMJ/ALCS conflicts! Why can't CMJ do this in February where the only sports are the NBA and (maybe) NHL?


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