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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Lucky Number 14.....

The roommate and I seldom agree on much; but we both bleed blue and orange. That being said; if last night's ballgame was say....Mets/Braves as opposed to Sox/Yanks, we'd have both jumped out the window by the 11th inning. How can any diehard Sox fans deal with this kind of stress two nights in a row? I think the fans are more tired than the ballplayers....

Everything is pointing towards tonight's game getting rained out....how bad do I really want to see Mclusky at the Knitting Factory? Probably not badly enough considering I missed Scrubs and SVU last week for the debacle that was ALCS Game 1.

Astros second baseman Jeff Kent has cultivated a reputation as one of the stranger dudes in the game, known for his stand-offishness, and inability to take a joke (this trait supposedly being instrumental in the Mets' decision to get rid of him in '96). Regardless, I can't say I was too unhappy to see him hit a walkoff HR in the unbelievable pitcher's duel that was last night's NLCS Game 5 (Cardinals got 1 hit!?).

Interestingly, the jack was off of former Met teammate Jason Isringhausen, best known to Mets fans as a guy who had a fantastic rookie season as a member of the ill-fated "Generation K," but soon came unravelled due to a variety of arm problems and his less than intelligent decision to refer to Mets front-office guy Jay Horowitz as a "Jewboy." Furthermore, he was the Jason Giambi of his day after being sidelined for months with a mysterious illness that turned out to be, I am not making this up, tuberculosis. Of course he eventually went on to become one of the game's dominant closers with Oakland and then St. Louis, but what a wierdo.

I would much rather see Houston make it to the World Series than St. Louis, mostly because I'm a big fan of the Killer B's, and as a die hard Mets fan, would sooner sacrifice an index finger than see Roger Cedeno get a World Series ring.


Blogger Phil said...

I can't believe Roger is still taking a beating from Mets fans. The biggest thing he had going against him was that he was paid a lot of money by a stupid front office. He obviously wasn't very good during his second stint as a Met, but the whole team resembled something you would field in a fantasy baseball league. That poor guy just became the face of all that was shit about the post-2000 Mets.

There is a lot of hate in this blog...you should re-christen it the Player-Hater's Ball Blog (I hate you, I hate you, I don't even know you and I hate you!)...

3:41 PM


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