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Friday, October 15, 2004

Mo' CMJ...

As a result of being unable to score Ted Leo tickets, I found myself in attendance last night at joe's pub (they don't use CAPS so I won't) to witness the CMJ pairing of French speaking chanteuse Keren Ann and indie-woman extraordinaire Joan Wasser. This was more or less a CMJ event only in the sense that they accepted badges; the majority of CMJ shows don't end at 9 PM and don't allow you to sip 12 dollar cocktails on red velvet couches.

And about those couches....I've said it once and I'll say it again; joe's pub is an amazing place to see a show. The entire place is bathed in sexy red hues, and it contains a transporting vibe far more reminiscent of a 40's jazz club than a NYC bar. But there's practically never anybody I want to see there. Bummer.

Remember the Dambuilders? Standard mid-90's indie guitar rock with a violin that had a handful of videos in heavy rotation on 120 Minutes. Kind of like Gentlemen-era Afghan Whigs, plus the violin. Joan Wasser played that violin. Now she fronts her own 3-piece band under the totally cool moniker Joan As Police Woman. Although Keren Ann was techincally the headliner, JAPW was a very pleasant way to kick things off. Joan Wasser makes for an amusingly sassy frontwoman (great between song banter), switches between piano and guitar, and has a surprisingly soulful voice (I only say surprising b/c the Dambuilders didn't let her sing). I'd have gladly paid 10 bucks for a copy of JAPW's self-titled EP. But when I walked by the merch table, there was a box of CDs, but no one to buy them from, and when I came back an hour later, they were gone altogether. Poor planning!

Keren Ann Zeidel supposedly lives in Paris, but she's actually Israeli, and sings in both English and French, but not Hebrew. Dig? She plays a brand of quiet, albeit very pleasant, indie folk that's not too far removed from the Norah Jones thing. Maybe a less cynical Cat Power minus the stage fright. Her acoustic guitar was augmented by an electric one, keyboards, trumpet and a violin (not a Joan Wasser violin). The trumpet player spent most of the set checking the hottie violin player out, leading me to believe that they're together, or he solemnly wishes they were. Keren Ann was great. Now I have to check out her record too.

And oh yeah.....props to the girlfriend for getting me to go to a good show that I would have never have gone to w/o her suggestion....


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