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Monday, October 25, 2004

More Music in the ALCS....

Baseball teams have certain songs that they play at home whenever the home team wins. When the Yankees win in the Bronx, the PA plays the Frank Sinatra rendition of New York, New York. When they lose, the same song is played, except it's voiced by Tony Bennett or Liza Minelli (how odd).

For as long as I could remember, a Mets win at Shea Stadium resulted in "That's the Way (I Like It)" from KC and the Sunshine Band. But for some inexplicable reason, 2004 found a Mets home win accompanied by the chorus of Outkast's (actually, Big Boi's) "The Way You Move." (The fact that this song was played very few times at Shea this year could not have helped Big Boi's ASCAP royalties.)

But when the Red Sox win at home, the PA plays this song called "Dirty Water," which as it turns out is some obscure Nuggets-era tune from a group called the Standells. I've no idea how long they've used this song at Fenway, but it lends the Sox a degree of hipster cred I never knew they had. I can't even find it on iTunes. Check out the history of this song here.

In a bit of unrelated sports news, I had free tickets yesterday to the 28-13 thrashing that was the Giants-Lions game. The Giants have looked oh-so much better than they were last year, with a revitalized Kurt Warner, Tiki Barber having a career year, and an offensive line far better than anyone had a right to expect. But yesterday was like 2003 all over again. Blame my roommate, who apparently is bad luck; he's been to 7 Giants home games, and they've lost every one.


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