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Tuesday, October 12, 2004


For those who garner pleasure from both watching baseball and indie-rock, October in NYC always presents the dillemma of catching baseball playoff games at night versus attending the CMJ Music Marathon. For better or worse, the decision is a little easier this year because IMO, not unlike Ukraine in a game of Risk, CMJ is weak!!!

Tomorrow's opening night party features Sonic Youth as the headliner, not exactly wowsville b/c they played New York a month ago, Def Jux beatmaker RJD2, who I'm told is halfway decent live, and then a handful of bands that nobody needs to see (e.g. the dated dancepunk of Moving Units).

The Merge Records showcase at Mercury Lounge (10/13) will likely be where it's at because Canadian hypemongers Arcade Fire are scheduled to go on at 1:00. But the only way you're going to see them is if you show up at 7:30 b/c CMJ shows have a tendency to get packt like sardines to the point where your expensive All Access badge isn't going to help. They're also playing the Bowery with The Hidden Cameras (like Belle and Sebastian, but gay and Canadian) on 11/12, making them an excellent alternative for those of us who acted a little slow in getting Interpol tix.

A far more sensible idea might be to check out the Self-Starter Foundation showcase at the Tribeca Rock Club (10/13), headlined by Paris, Texas and featuring adorable female popsters Palomar and their arty Brooklyn bretheren in Sea Ray.

Ted Leo is a safe bet for Thursday night (double bonus: no baseball!), and I was sort of psyched for ...Trail of the Dead on Friday until I heard the leak of their new album. Ugh. Can you say Warped Tour headliners?



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