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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The Sounds of the Sounds of Boredom.....

Tonight's recently completed World Series contest wasn't exactly what you would call exciting. After overcoming some early inning wildness, Pedro Martinez retired twelve Cardinal batters in a row, and the only St. Louis run came courtesy of a Larry Walker solo jack in the 9th inning. It shouldn't have been this way; the bottom of inning 2 featured a completely unforgivable base running gaffe on the part of Cards pitcher Jeff Suppan that resulted in a double play as opposed to a run scored, and Manny Ramirez somehow managed to gun down Larry Walker at the plate in the first. I'd have run on Manny's arm too. Still, between Suppan and the Cardinal bullpen, the BoSox only managed 4 runs, which generally would not be enough of a cushion against Pujols/Rolen/Edmonds. But Rolen, a 100+ RBI man during the regular season, is 0-10, while Edmonds is 1-12. Jigga what? Somewhere Larry Bowa is cackling.

So I decided to create a log of the music that Fox Sports decided to run in the middle of innings; the transition to new innings usually being used for their boring theme music. Here's what I got.....

Opening Montage - Talking Heads - "Take Me To the River" (I'm assuming this was played to alert listeners to the fact that St. Louis does indeed lie on the Mississippi River)

Between 1st inning - Nelson - "After The Rain" (cute. game was almost rained out)

Between 2nd inning - faceless hip-hop beats

Between 3rd inning - faceless Tower of Power sounding funk

Between 4th inning - actual Tower of Power song - "What Is Hip?" (a.k.a. the only TOP song anyone but their closest fans recognize)

Between 5th inning - Onyx - "Slam!" (Dup du dup!, dup du dup!) (does anybody who reads this blog actually own the Onyx record? Always thought that Sticky Fingaz was one of the scarier sounding MCs of the early 90's.)

Between 6th inning - Wasn't paying attention. However, right before the 7th started, there was a montage of Pedro Martinez set to the Zombies classic "Time of the Season," most likely for the "Who's Your Daddy" line featured prominently in the song.

Between 7th inning - faceless funk with wah pedals and Hammond B-3 organ, followed by Amy Grant singing God Bless America (WTF?)

Between 8th inning - faceless 80's Miami Vice-style funk with saxophone solos

Between 9th inning - silence accompanied by pained looks on the faces of Cardinals fans

Post game montage - Avril Lavigne - "My Happy Ending"

All in all, not nearly as creative as during the ALCS.


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