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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

"There's Somethin' Happenin' Here......"

"...what it is ain't exactly clear...."

Seriously. When was the last time you saw two crucial calls go AGAINST the Yankees? Granted, both Bellhorn's home run and A-Rod's Ronde Barber impersonation weren't exactly debatable upon any sort of further review, but in a traditionalist baseball world that refuses to utilize instant replay for the good of all concerned, it was a refreshing shock to see the umps get it right for once. Not even Tim McCarver was arguing here. Now we're primed for a most improbable Game 7, A.K.A. "quite possibly the most stressful sports-oriented 4 hours in this Yankee Hater's young life." Huzzah!

Word to Curt Schilling - You're a fantastic pitcher with mucho heart, and Red Sox Nation salutes you. That being said, the Big Guy cared about last night's game about as much as he cares about The Super Bowl or The Masters, which is to say very, very little. But whatever gets ya through the night.


Blogger rajeev said...

red sox nation may indeed be saluting schilling, but last time i checked most of them also lived and died with the sox for more than three weeks a year. so i can see why it'd be the most stressful four hours for them, or for a yankee lifer, but for a met fan? come on now.

5:50 PM

Blogger dave said...

notice how I said "Yankee Hater," not Met fan.

Besides....it's possible to married and still have a mistress. And my mistress has given me way more satisfaction as of late.

6:52 PM

Blogger rajeev said...

i know quite a few yankee haters and most of them just see what happens and do better than stress out over the red sox or whoever the yankees happen to be playing. they define themselves by the team they like, not the fate of the team they hate. given the amount of effort you put into the latter, i'm afraid to see what happens when your real team makes the series.

2:05 AM

Blogger dave said...

All good points.

When Kenny Rogers walked in the winning run in Game 6 of the '99 NLCS, I was living with two hipsters who hated baseball, so I was forced to limit my frustration to throwing my sneakers across the room a few times.

For some reason I can't remember where I watched most of the 2000 WS, or how I reacted. But the Mets were so overmatched in that WS from the beginning that I tried to be as emotionally detached as a Mets fan could be at that point, and wasn't so much angry as merely sad when they got killed in 5.

12:12 PM


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