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Thursday, October 14, 2004

A Tribute to the Quesadilla Grande...

...I just got done eating one, and man was it good! The menu from Benny's Burritos says that it modestly consists of "Beans, Cheese, Rice, Jalapenos, Guac and Salsa Fresca," but it really has no business tasting as good as it does. And its large enough that you can make two meals out of it. Not exactly health food mind you, but ideal for a gametime, or weekend treat. Easily the one psuedo-fast food Mexican item I've ordered the most since moving to the East Village two years ago.

Interpol's Sam Kessler remarked in a recent issue of Time Out New York that he's a vegetarian and practically lived as Benny's Burritos when he attended NYU. Methinks he knows his way around the Quesadilla Grande.


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