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Monday, October 18, 2004

Weekend Notes.....

1. Irony alert - The same day I post about being annoyed at not being able to purchase the Joan As Police Woman EP, I find a used copy at Kim's for 5 bucks. Serves the band right for not having someone man their merch table. It's only five songs, but its very good. Definitely looking forward to their upcoming, Bryce Goggin (Pavement, Phish) produced, full length.

Also picked up the remastered version of Modest Mouse's Moon and Antarctica, one of those hallowed records that I really ought to own but didn't until two days ago (see also: Nirvana - Nevermind). I remember hearing it in college and thinking "jeeez, what's the big deal about?" It's certainly better than I recall, and I need to listen to it some more. But anybody who compares it to OK Computer in terms of quality and originality is completely out of their mind.

2. Everybody who has something resembling a sense of humor needs to see "Team America" as soon as humanly possible, if not at the Twin Cinema on 66th and 2nd b/c the sound is too quiet. I need to see it again.

3. The jukebox at Hi-Fi on 10th and A is awesome, but it ought to be modified to have some sort of safeguard against bad (or unoriginal) taste....like having it send out a dangerous electric shock whenever someone plays three Rolling Stones songs in a row or anything off of Zeppelin 4. Or maybe quiz the user on their favorite albums before allowing them to make a pick.

4. Most concert DVDs have minimal replay value. You see them once, and think - "hey, that was cool, but it cost more than a CD and I'm not going to watch it again." Ween - Live in Chicago is the exception to the rule. This baby has nearly as much replay value as my copy of Volume 1 of the Ali G show. The thrusting gyrations of the sold out crowd during the encore of "The Blarney Stone" (Ween's take on the Irish drinking song) is one of the most rock and roll moments ever captured on DVD.


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