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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Why the Astros Advancing to the NLCS is a Good Thing....

1. Drama - The last time the 'Stros were in a playoff was in '86 where they fell to the Mets in a 15-inning nail biter. Up until last night, they had never won a post-season series. Add this to the fact that like the 2003 World Champion Marlins they were the Wild Card winner, and like the 2003 Marlins fired their hapless manager at the All-Star Break, you've got the stuff that Sportscenter is made of.

2. Veterans - If I'm not mistaken, both Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio have spent their entire career with the Astros, and have been teammates for 13 years. They're widely perceived around the league as good guys, and refreshingly hearken back to an era where you were able to root for a player with the knowledge that he would more likely than not be wearing the same uniform for years to come. Even though the 'Stros will likely get steamrolled by the Cards, the Killer B's are well deserving of their playoff champagne.

3. Fans - Ever check out Turner Field during a playoff game? Never sold out. Sometimes not even close. And you wonder why the Braves get their butts kicked in the first round every season?

4. Furcal - Fiesty lead-off hitter/Menace to Society Rafael Furcal acquired his second DWI in as many years this past September, and attempted to weasel out of it by telling the cop that he played for the Braves. Sensible minds would have suspended him without pay for the rest of the season, but the special treatment afforded star athletes stipulated that he could play in the post-season, and begin his 3-week jail sentence after the Braves lose. Here's hoping some Mets fans in the metal clink take it upon themselves to make Raffy their 'special friend.'

5. Anytime the Braves lose it's a good thing.


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