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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

"9 Times!!!"

The title refers to both Ferris Bueller's absentee record and the number of times that the Mets will play the Astros in 2005. New York Mets 2005 Tenative Schedule

While the schedule is indeed 'tenative,' there's never been any changes to the tentative schedules of yesteryear, so I'll take this one at it's word. Some strange things going on here. In addition to the unprecedented move of the Shea opener being against Houston, the Mets play them 9 times, while all other non-division rivals are given the customary 6 or 7 matchups. The extra helping of Astro is apparently made possible by New York having one less interleague matchup than it did last year. Why Houston were made the lucky recipients is beyond me. Maybe it's to allow Hernandez to shed more light on Game 5 of the '86 NLCS, which Jeff Pearlman correctly referred to as a tension filled evening "lost to history" in his book The Bad Guys Won!!!

And speaking of interleague, things get stranger when the Subway series kicks off at Shea in mid-May, and doesn't conclude in the Bronx until a month later. The Mets square off against the AL West this year, just like in '03. After the CentraI last year, I figured that match-ups against the AL East would have been in the cards for '05, but maybe MLB nixed this for fear of conflicting loyalties based on how many Mets fans threw their full weight behind Boston this past October (SoF included). But at least there'll be some kind of dramatic Rick Peterson subplot when the Mets head to Oakland....(doubly fun if the Mets can nab one of the Big Three this off-season).


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