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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Big Willie Style

As was expected, the Mets have hired 11-year Yankee coach Willie Randolph to be their new manager. Checkit at ESPN Baseball. With Matt Galante gone, the Mets are going to need a 3rd base coach too. Can Paul O'Neill be far behind? Homeboy used to play in the NL!

SoF doesn't see this as such a big deal. Randolph's been a coach for over a decade, has enough NL experience to comprehend the art of pinch hitting, and isn't exactly a stranger to the back page onslaught that comprises the New York sports media. But would it have killed the Mets to get a dude who hadn't spent the past 11 years in the Bronx?

Meanwhile, Mets CF Mike Cameron has recently gone on record as saying that he'd be more than happy to move to right field should the Mets acquire Carlos Beltran. Cameron needn't worry.


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