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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

"Cover your balls...'cuz we swing kung fu."

According to Billboard, Billyburg's own TV on the Radio were the recipients of 2004's Shortlist Prize with their record Desperate Youth, Bloodthirsty Babes. Bandmember Kyp Malone apparently accepted the award by altering reporters to the fact that TV on The Radio "are not Damien Rice;" an offhanded slap at the Starbucks-friendly, MOR crooner who was last year's winner. Malone's got a point; his band has far more hair than Rice, and you won't be hearing the paranoid rumble of tracks like "King Eternal" or "Bomb Yourself" alongside your mocha frapp anytime soon.

Frankly, we here at SoF are more than a little surprised. Released way back in February, Desperate Youth... is not without a handful of good cuts, but is ultimately more heat than light, and easily the most esoteric album of the nominees (and it's not like it even contains their Pixies cover...that's on the Young Liars EP). SoF would have figured Franz Ferdinand to be a shoe-in, with Wilco and Loretta Lynn tagging closely behind, but sometimes the dark horse wins out. Wonder if there were folks in Vegas who actually bet on this...?


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