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Friday, November 12, 2004

Curses...foiled again!

ESPN Baseball has reported that yesterday's General Managers meeting resulted in a 15-15 split as to whether to keep exploring the subject of instant replay. In other words, they're not going to. Commissioner Selig seems to believe that "the humanness of the umpires is part of the game." I respectfully disagree.

Umpires are in the game for the sole purpose of officiating, and officiating correctly. Being human, they will make mistakes. If instant replay can correct these mistakes, then so be it. I'm thrilled that the umpiring crew in the ALCS managed to make the correct calls after feverishly confering with one another, but I also can't imagine such conversing happening during the regular season, where it's just as important. I could care less about the egos of major league umpires. Somehow the NBA, NHL and NFL scoring officials have all made do (and just think--Robbie Alomar will never have to use an ump as a spittoon ever again).

Almost as depressing is Sam Borden's report in the NY Daily News that-

Sosa is a player that Minaya covets, but others in the organization are leery of adding him because of his injury history and attitude. That didn't stop the Mets from talking with the Cubs for a second straight day, though, fueling speculation that Sosa could wind up at Shea.
"Once you get to a second meeting, things can happen," Minaya said, speaking generally about the progression of trades.

A guy I went to law school with spent his entire life as a diehard Yankees fan, even going as far to spend a summer interning with the YES Network. But after the Boss went and blew 32 million dollars on Jose Contreras, my buddy was so completely fed up and disgusted that he could root for the Yankees no longer.

That may strike some as a little extreme, especially considering that Contreras was obviously not the first player that Streinbrenner ridiculously overpaid. But should the Mets be foolhardy enough to actually acquire Sammy Sosa, I just may have to follow suit.


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