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Friday, November 05, 2004

Don't Let The Door Hit 'cha On the Way Out.....

Wow. mlb.com has just reported that no less than 4 days after being hired, Wally Backman has been fired as the manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks on account of his checkered past. Looks like you can take the Met out of '86, but you can never take the '86 out of the Met.

Various sites have reported this week that Backman's troubles with DWI, domestic violence, and recent bankruptcy only came to light after he was hired by Arizona, who supposedly knew nothing about his past before reading about it in the NY Times. Say what?

Should Backman have opened his mouth during the interview? Probably, although he certainly would have jeopardized his chances at acquiring the position in the process. But this can't help but raise dozens of questions over exactly who's in charge of performing a simple background check in Arizona. In this blogger's recent experiences, criminal records are looked for, can be easily found, and may or may not have an impact on job hiring. Backman's certainly had his problems, but Arizona obviously hired the guy for his managerial skills, because apparently no one had the nerve to question him about his conduct off the field. Such information would not have been difficult to find. Firing him now strikes me as a pathetic face-saving measure from an incompetent front office that should know better. Who in the world isn't subjected to a background check these days?


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