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Friday, November 05, 2004

Eh....What the hey.....

From Lee Jenkins in this morning's NY Times Sports(registration required)

Although Randolph did not have an answer for what immediate improvements could be made to the club, he did admit that he could use some help. In discussing his coaching staff, Randolph acknowledged the possibility of hiring at least one former manager, preferably with National League experience, and mentioned that he has already contacted Tampa Bay's Don Zimmer, Randolph's predecessor as the Yankees' bench coach under Torre.

Hmmm....I hear Randolph's tapped Horsemen 3 and 4 for the vacanies at hitting and 3rd base coach as well.

On the other hand, can you image a better target for Hernandez's relentless sarcasm? He might actually let Healy off the hook for awhile. The possibilities are limitless.


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