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Thursday, November 04, 2004

I'm Mr. Brightside?

I finally managed to get my grubby little hands on the recently released DFA Comp. #2, and my stereo is blaring a sleazy disco bassline while a creepy voice intones "I....took off....my overcoat" as I type. This was supposed to have been released two days ago, but none of the fine indie establishments I tend to frequent had a copy on Tuesday, leading me to believe it was pushed back (as opposed to sold out, which is virtually never a problem). When I asked the guy at Other Music where it was last Tuesday, he calmly told me I could pick it up on Thursday, while shooting me an ornery glare indicating that I was only the 300th person that day to ask the same question. I've only listened to a handful of tracks on the first disc so far, but talk about an embarrassment of riches....

Is anybody else psyched for the season premiere of the O.C. tonight? I know I am.

On the topic of the O.C., unavoidable "buzz" band The Killers seem destined to have one of their songs grace a climactic kiss scene in the new season. I have to admit that despite being bombarded with it, I've been listening to their song "Mr. Brightside" a bunch, although I liked it better when it was called "Special K" by Placebo. I haven't heard the entire Killers album outside of the singles, but my spies tell me that Hot Fuss also resembles a Placebo in that its basically three great singles surrounded by complete crap. Placebo were always a great singles band that could never sustain an entire record. This is in sharp contrast to bands like Blur and Pulp who released incredible albums that just happened to also contain great singles. Maybe The Killers are the new Placebo. Maybe I'm just bored.


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