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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Lazy Sundays.....

The good thing about Big Blue having the 4:00 slot is that it gives Giants fans a few extra hours of blissful ignorance, while allowing them to feel super fortunate that they aren't rooting for Gang Green. How bad are the Jets without Pennington? Tune in later for an Eli analysis.

ESPN reported yesterday that Kris Benson has finally signed with the Mets for a three-year, $22.5 million deal. Ok by me. Dude's got an excellent change-up and slider, as well as a fastball in the low 90's when he's not suffering from a tired arm. His stellar starts outweighed his horrendous outings by just enough to lead me to believe he's got the trappings of a potentially excellent #2 man.

Furthermore, his website is one for the ages, letting you know that his favorite song is Pink Floyd's "Learning To Fly", while dispensing pearls of wisdom for aspiring young pitchers like-

GET AHEAD with first pitch strikes. If you don't get the first pitch over, MAKE SURE secondpitch is a strike. A 1-1 count is better than a 2-0 any day.


Don't forget to concentrate a little extra on 0-2. Make the pitch a little more un-hittable, no pitcheror manager likes an 0-2 hit! Damn right.

Wise words from the man married to FHM Magazine's 'Hottest Baseball Wife.'


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