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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Let's See That Again....

I'm a bit slow on this apparently, but yesterday ESPN reported that a topic at this afternoon's GM meeting was going to involve whether or not to introduce the element of instant replay to major league baseball games. It would not be used for balls and strikes, but rather on close plays in which intelligent minds could differ.

The faction that is staunchly against using instant replay in baseball usually runs along the lines of not wanting to dishonor years of "tradition," an argument, which if taken literally, suggests that both the electric scoreboard and dissolution of the Negro Leagues have proved damaging to the game.

If this blogger had a dollar for every time he referred to C.B Bucknor, Angel Hernandez or Mark Wegner as a "dirty, blind, Mutha******," he'd no longer have to work for a living. Every Red Sox fan who nearly fainted from the unspeakable tension of watching the umpires confer in ALCS Game 6 can relate. There's no justice when millions of fans can view an instant replay in their own living rooms and clearly see that a call was blown. Baseball players would be less likely to throw tantrums, fans would feel vindicated, and umpires would no longer need to fear for their lives (as much). There's practically no downside to using instant replay in baseball. I'm not exactly sure who has the final say in such decisions, "tradition" goes a long way in the majors and the umpires themselves will throw a fit, but the fact that this was even a topic at the GM's meeting is encouraging. SoF says thumbs up.


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