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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

A Little Bit of the U.K. in Tribeca....

Only recently did it occur to me that this blog contained very, very little of the food promised within its mission statement. Let's rectify that.

Last weekend, as part of a Downtown Dining $20 price fix deal, the woman and I tried out this relatively new British place on Warren Street fittingly entitled "U.K. New York." I supposed their M.O. is that they deal in stylish updates of British pub food; not unlike The Spotted Pig or Cafe Topsy, both in the West Village.

The place has only been open for just under 6 months, and it seems as if they're still trying to figure out the decor. The dim yellow lighting and basic wooden chairs upon a tile floor were nothing to get excited about, nor was the music; a three disc mix of Brit-pop lightweights (Travis, Coldplay and Robbie Williams if memory serves).

The food however, was very solid and extremely filling. My 20 dollars got me a delicious appetizer of roast beef with horseradish sauce encased in Yorkshire pudding, a very large trifle for dessert, and the main course of "Toad in a Hole;" a bacon wrapped Cumberland sausage (not unlike the "pig in a blanket" for you Yalies) encased in Yorkshire pudding with mashed potatoes. Not exactly healthfood, but everything was very tasty and warm. Although this wasn't included in the price fix, I also had a $10 cocktail called a "Pom," which I seem to recall was Chardonnay mixed with pomegrante juice, and club soda, garnished with raspberries. It was worth every penny.

The biggest problem with the evening was the extremely slow service. It took us nearly two hours from being seated to getting the check, and the relatively small dining room was only 3/4 full. The hostess offered up many apologies and an explanation to the adjoining table, but I was unable to make out what she was saying. Ultimately, the slow service was to our advantage because finishing our meal faster would only have meant being forced to catch more of Pitty Sing's set at Maxwells (see earlier post).

Would I go back? Or better yet, would I go back knowing that the average main course without the price fix dinner is about $20 by itself? Probably not. While everything was tasty and satisfactory, I can think of many places I'd rather spend $20 on a main course, and to spend that sort of dough on updates of British pub food seems a bit excessive. Furthermore, the woman's chicken in cider sauce wasn't nearly as appetizing as my main course; featuring a considerably meager slab of white meat amongst boring vegetables. The Spotted Pig has more hipster atmosphere and Cafe Topsy is less expensive. I give U.K. New York another 6 months.


Blogger Phil said...

Robbie Williams is a britpop lightweight? I doubt you were calling him that when you let him entertain you at the Hammerstein Ballroom...

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