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Monday, November 22, 2004

Monday Tidbits....

There's very little for me to say about Eli Manning's performance last night that hasn't already been said by a hundred better sports blogs and major publications; except that he showed enough promise to suggest that he should have taken over the QB slot far earlier than Week 10. Manning throws the ball far harder than Warner and with much more purpose. He keeps his cool in the pocket, and is seemingly able to adjust when need be. His inability to read the zone blitz was certainly "a rookie mistake," it's hardly his fault that there was something like 12 dropped balls in the 1st half, and the 4th quarter 'Roughing the Passer' call on Carlos Emmons which resulted in giving ATL a new set of downs was unquestionably bullshit. Giants fans have something to look forward to for once.

The NFC is collectively horrible this year. Were the season to end today, the Giants would still be able to clinch a Wild Card spot with their 5-5 record. Too bad three of their next four games are against the Eagles, Ravens, and Steelers.

Coolfer isn't kidding when they say that U2 has taken pre-release hype to exotic new lengths with their new record. According to U2 Log, the band began the morning with an impromptu gig on the Columbia U. mall before slowly working their way down to their Brooklyn show, making stops along the way on the back of a flatbed truck. Times Square was supposedly rocked. Rumors that they were going to rock the Stuyvesant Town Oval at around lunchtime were unfortunately just that.

I spent 2.5 hours this afternoon going to DUMBO for the 'secret' free U2 show, standing in line, and then attempting to find the York St. subway stop (an adventure in and of itself) when I realized that nobody was going anywhere, and the band wasn't supposed to hit the stage until 4:00 anyway. I've seen poorly planned free events in my life, but this was particularly egregious; a little surveying found roughly eight separate lines from eight separate streets, all converging at two tiny gate entrances each staffed by one dude with a yellow highlighter. There were different lines for those who printed out their 'e-tickets' vs. the 'general public', and neither the cops nor the organizers seemed to have any idea what was going on.

Ultimately, it comes down to the fact that while I think their new album is very good, I just don't like U2 nearly as much as say....Wilco or Sleater-Kinney to have warranted standing around in the cold with throngs of people I didn't know. If nothing else, soundcheck was very audible, and listeners were able to make out what sounded like the Edge fooling around with riffs from the new songs. This included a full band version of "Vertigo" sans vocals at about 2:30 (mixed in with the rumble of the Q train on the Manhattan Bridge).

(a quick check of U2 log supposedly claims that the band was located on the Manhattan Bridge at 3:45, but I most certainly heard Vertigo playing, so maybe it was tech guys or something.)


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