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Monday, November 15, 2004

No love for Mondays....

It's no big secret that Mondays for the most part suck. Unlike Tuesdays, they actually have a 'feel,' but it's not a great one. One surefire way to guarantee that Monday will suck even more is if your football team has lost the day before.

I was unable to watch a single second of yesterday's Giants game because I had to attend a family gathering, and this turned out to be ideal. The problem with Giants '04 is the same problem that's seemingly plagued them for the past 3 years; they always play up to the level of their competition, which explains how they're able to kill Green Bay and Minnesota on the road, but lose to Chicago at home.

According to ESPN, Kurt Warner was sacked six times, the Giants committed 10 penalties for 97 yards, Emmitt Smith actually made two running scores, and Jeff Feagles ripped a page out of the Madden '05 playbook with an incomplete pass on a curious fake punt play. Say what? Rooting for the '04 Giants has so far resembled nothing so much as rooting for the '04 Mets; brutally grim pre-season predictions, enough pleasant surprises to keep things interesting, and then reality settles in. That being said, the NFC is so shaky this year that a team with a 10-6 or 9-7 record would seem capable of nabbing a wild card spot, but Big Blue is once again impossible to get excited about.

And what's worse....I spend all week looking forward to William Shatner's understated comic brilliance as Denny Crane on Boston Legal, only to find it pre-empted by the mainstream garbage known as the American Music Awards. That blue-eyed soul man from Maroon 5 was literally mocking me on the television as I clicked over at 9:58. John Mayer probably hates that dude for stealing all of his tail.


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