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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Revin' Up the Mercury As it Were.....

The kindly folks at Fluxblog have posted a new track ("Across Yer Ocean") from Mercury Rev's upcoming The Secret Migration. The album isn't supposed to hit the streets until January of '05, but has supposedly already leaked.

Of the last two Mercury Rev albums, 1998's Deserter's Songs is an undisputed classic which put producer Dave Fridmann on the map (I call it The Soft Bulliten for grownups). Its follow-up, 2001's All Is Dream, was pretty damn good, although it found the band milking the previous record's formula with diminishing returns.

The iTunes music store also features a pre-release single from the upcoming record called "Secret For a Song." Both the iTunes and Fluxblog tracks sound exactly like what you would expect from Mercury Rev; hazy majesty with Jonathan Donahue's helium vocals. There doesn't seem to be any stylistic changes from the last two records whatsoever, but it helps that both of the new songs sound pretty great regardless (especially "Secret For a Song" which is heavy and beautiful like Deserter's Songs "Funny Bird" was). Nobody does the rural psychedelia thing like Mercury Rev does, and if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Definitely looking forward to hearing more.


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