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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

This Just In....James Murphy Has Impeccable Taste

One Louder has kindly posted a link to a short New York Magazine interview with DFA head honcho James Murphy. You can read the interview at the above link, but one portion bears mentioning in full:

NY Mag: Why has the LCD Soundsystem record taken so long?

Murphy: Because I didn’t want to put any of the singles on the record. I felt like that was . . . cheating. You have the singles and you can’t wait for the album, and the album comes out and it has all of the singles you already have. That feels disrespectful. But if you’ve never heard the band before, it would be silly to lose that chunk of history. So I made two CDs: the album and a singles compilation of six songs. There’s also a last song, which is specifically designed as a last song.

NY Mag: What constitutes a last song?

Murphy: They erase the record. You know “Good Feeling” by the Violent Femmes? That’s a crushing last song. After that, you have to hear the whole record again.

Seeing as the Violent Femmes' debut has the distinct honor of being SoF's favorite album of all time, it warms my heart to know that Murphy thinks it kicks ass too. However, the irony of his statement is that while "Good Feeling" is indeed the 'last song' on the initial vinyl and cassette pressings of the album, it was reissued in the late 80's on CD with two European B-sides at the end; "Ugly" and "Gimme the Car." Therefore, there's a whole generation of Femmes fans who never got to experience "Good Feeling" as the 'last song,' something which irritated the band to no end. This was rectified with Rhino's 2002 reissue of the album, which comes loaded with live tracks and studio outtakes, as well as bass player Brian Ritchie's liner notes stating that because of the bonus tracks, "our original intent was thwarted in pursuit of commercial goals." Scandalous!

As a side note, the print version of the James Murphy interview on pg. 122 of New York magazine also contains a cute "Ask a Record Clerk" mini interview with Craig Willingham, the music manager of Mondo Kim's on St. Marks (A.K.A. that dude with the dreadlocks who always gives me dirty looks when I try to sell back promo CDs).


Blogger rajeev said...

craig is actually a friend of a friend. he also spins a mean set of hip-hop and puts out electronic music under the names i-sound and wasteland. (he actually did an album with to rococo rot as i-sound that was very well received a couple yrs ago.)

12:20 PM

Blogger Phil said...

I thought SoF's favorite album of all time was The Three EPs?

2:24 PM

Blogger dave said...

of the 90's, yeah.

4:15 PM


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