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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Tuesday is New Release Day....

It's actually pretty slim pickins in terms of interesting new releases today, which is just fine b/c I'm guessing that the must-have "DFA Compilation #2" is going to cost a pretty penny at three-discs. But I can think of fewer 3-disc sets that sound more worthy than this one; with its combination of (previously) vinyl only singles and new, unreleased tracks from such DFA mainstays as The Rapture and The Juan Maclean. Checkit.

Billboard is reporting that the new Chemical Brothers record, Push the Button, is set to be released on January 25th, which if I'm not mistaken, is practically three years to the day since 2002's Come With Us was released. Single "Galvanize" is set to be released a week earlier, and features a guest rap from Q-Tip, who seems to be spreading himself a wee bit thin these days. Here's hoping the former Tribesman's contributions this time around lean more towards Chappelle's Show than Around the Sun.

Just when you thought that Keyshawn Johnson couldn't make himself anymore unlikeable...



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