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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Whadya Buy For the U2 Fan Who Says Has "Everything".....?.

Wow wa wee wah. I just looked at the 446 song tracklisting for the new U2 Digital Box Set on iTunes. $150, which considering you get 446 songs, I guess isn't that bad a deal. The majority of U2 fans will already have the albums themselves, but there's also a full length 1981 show from The Paradise Rock Club in Boston (where this blogger saw the Polyphonic Spree last year with half of OL and MMM) and an Irish New Year's show from 1989. Of course these two goodies fall prey to notorious "Album Only" status, so it's not like you can cherry pick that hot live version of "Stories for Boys" for a measly dollar without being forced to buy the other songs.

As for those other songs? B-sides galore, and about 63 remixes of "Discotheque," "Lemon," and "Mysterious Ways," including about 4 versions of the "Mysterious Ways-Solar Plexus Remix" alone. Oddly, this is the rare situation in which Paul Jokenfold knocks 3-D and Mushroom on their collective asses; the Perfecto remix of "Mysterious Ways" is far better than the "Massive Attack" remix IMO (at least that's what I recall when I had them both on my laptop 7 years ago).


Blogger Phil said...

Jokenfold also had the ironic distinction of charting higher with his remix of "Even Better than the Real Thing" than the original did.

Jokenfold's remix of "Lemon" though to me is still the bench mark for a U2 remix. Hard to challenge trance after hearing that beautifully epic interpretation. His "Beautiful Day" isn't bad either but far more in the spirit of the stuff that earned him the nickname "Jokenfold."

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