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Monday, December 27, 2004

And now for something completely random....

Billy Corgan is more or less dead to me. I won't question the fact that both Gish and Siamese Dream are incredible records that deserve every last bit of praise that's heaped upon them, and when you subtract "Porcelina of the Vast Oceans" and cut Disc 2 in half, Mellon Collie is plenty good. But Adore sounded waaay too much like a weak batch of Disintegration-era Cure B-sides, and Machines of God was downright irresponsible. Zwan was sort of neat for about ten minutes, but then I made the awful mistake of seeing them live (doubly egregious considering I could've seen Queens of the Stone Age at a dive bar in Old Bridge, NJ that night).

Then again, the only reason I cared about Zwan, or the last Pumpkins record for that matter, was that Jimmy Chamberlain was in the band. Never have other band members been less significant--the Pumpkins and Zwan consisted of BC and JC alone. Primarily a jazzbo before he hooked up with Billy Corgan in the late 80's, Chamberlain's licks always owed more to Buddy Rich and Gene Krupka than John Bonham, and the man's swingin' contributions always made for some of the most furious air drumming this side of 2112. Homeboy had some well documented problems with the needle in the mid-90's, but boy oh boy could he bring the pain on "Geek U.S.A."

So I'm looking at the January schedule for the Mercury Lounge, and notice that some band called the Jimmy Chamberlain Complex is playing there on January 13 and 20, and the band name is followed by the requisite 'ex-Smashing Pumpkins' label. Huh? A little research has revealed that Chamberlain has a solo record coming out on January 25th, with vocal contributions from Corgan, Rob Dickinson from Catherine Wheel, and Bill Medley, aka one half of the Righteous Brothers (!?). Apparently Chamberlain handles the skins, and co-writes the songs with another guy described as an "L.A. based songwriter who has worked with everyone from Macy Gray to Fred Durst." Meh. The two thirty second song clips on the website offer little to get excited about, although Chamberlain's signature drumming is very high in the mix.

This has a 1.9 Pitchfork rating written all over it, but if you think I won't be in attendance at the Mercury Lounge for at least one of those dates, you'd be sadly mistaken.

His auxilliary drumming on "Walking With Thee" and "The Second Line" was rumored to have brought the house down.


Blogger rajeev said...

the back half of 'mellon collie' could certainly lose a little fat but watch yourself with "porcelina" ... great, great tune. and the biggest problem with 'adore' is how long it is ... a lot of excellent songs on there.

1:50 AM


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