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Monday, December 13, 2004

"C'mon, c'mon, love me for the money...."

Always Amazin' is an excellent NY Mets rumor mill that collects the dirt so I/you don't have to. What they've just posted, courtesy of Boston Dirt Dogs is considerably interesting. It appears that the Amazins' have indeed offered a guaranteed 4th year to Pedro Martinez, and it just might be enough to get him to change his mind. Eh, what the hell. He's surly, unpredictable, loses significant oompa-pa after 100 pitches, and probably wouldn't get along with the rest of the team (Piazza esp.). But he'd benefit from pitching at Shea, the beat writers would have a field day, and he'd certainly bring folks out to the park while forcing Tom Glavine into the #2 spot where he belongs.

Now for the musical portion of this blog....Saturday night found me taking in a Ted Leo and the Pharmacists show at the Bowery. Often dubbed "the hardest working man in rock," he's a dude with no pretentsion whatsoever, essentially setting up his own gear onstage and happily playing along to Daft Punk on the P.A. before going into his first song. His latest record, the excellent Shake the Sheets, is purely comprised of bass/drums/guitar, and his live show is refreshingly the same way; three musicians, no keyboards, no samplers. Leo's enthusiasm is completely infectious, and the show was refreshingly loose; tempos were increased relative to album versions, and sometimes drummer Chris Shaw could barely keep up. Leo deserves credit for denying the audience the one song everyone was clammoring for ("The Ballad of Sin Eater"), and for playing the final 1/3 of Rush's "The Spirit of Radio" in the encore.

What made the show equally fascinating and frustrating is that apparently, Ted Leo has a lot of young fans. High school aged fans (this was a 16+ show if memory serves). We were up in front, and the atmosphere was surprisingly more akin to a high school sock hop with many bouncy teens oblivious to the crowd around them. I was flanked by a beefy security guard for the first two songs (an unusual Bowery Ballroom occurence), and he ended up ejecting a blonde haired dude who was drinking a beer sans wristband. Despite making me feel very old, I guess I can't fault the kids for listening to Ted Leo because he rocks, and it beats the hell out of listening to Linkin Park. Furthermore, most of them knew every word, which is more than I can say for myself as I'm relatively unfamilar with his Tyranny of Distance album, and it was heavily featured. But word to that Hot Topic-clad teenage chick with the gigantic ponytail who jumped in front of the girlfriend and I---I realize that you've probably been counting down the days until you could go completely nuts at a real rock concert, but It's only a matter of time before someone picks you up by that ponytail and swings you to your death.

I should talk. I'll probably be eighteen times as enthusiastic at the Pixies tomorrow night, but at least I have short hair.


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