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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Courtesy of Vandelay Industries....

SoF was the happy recipient of Season 3 of Seinfeld yesterday for the first night of Chanukah. No word yet on whether Keith Hernandez contributes to the audio commentary on "The Boyfriend," but can you imagine ("man, this acting was horrible. simply horrible. i remember the time when I was on the Cardinals...Herzog wouldn't never stood for this...shut up Fran.")?

Speaking of Hannukah nothing like some clean, animated Hannukah humor.

Stylus has extended their Perfect Moments in Pop feature to include Villier's Terrace by Echo and the Bunnymen from their Crocodiles album. Unquestionably a good tune, but if you ask me, the positively stabbing guitar licks after Ian McCulloch sings "someday when the sky goes blaaaahhhaaccck" in "All That Jazz" is a more perfect pop moment.

Baseball news! ESPN is reporting that the Yanks have recently signed feisty lead-off dude/2B Tony Womack and starting pitcher/perpetual frowner Jaret Wright to join their cadre of overpaid mercenaries. Both players had career years in 2004, with Wright posting a 15-8 and 3.28 ERA after spending much of 2003 as an innings eater for the Padres after starting Game 7 of the '97 World Series his rookie season. Wright also holds the unofficial SoF record for largest chaw to be consistently chewed by a major league pitcher. Seriously. Dude's gonna have mouth problems if he keeps that up.

And as expected, the Post is reporting that Richard Hildalgo was not offered arbitration , and will likely wind up on Texas or the ChiSox. Meanwhile, Adam Rubin is reporting that Moises Alou is already being penciled in as his replacement. Considering Alou batted .293 with 39 HR and 106 RBIs last year, he's a considerable offensive upgrade from Hidalgo. But many of those HR came in the cozy confines of Wrigley, and he's getting on in years. Still, should this come to fruition, no real gripes here. Just don't shake his hand. And Al Leiter is practically a Marlin now. Again, no gripes, but now I'm gonna need a new uni.


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