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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

"I stand by the Mah-Keeee Moo-hoon!"

Sahwheet! While fruitlessly searching for a copy of Yo La Tengo's Today Is The Day! EP at Kim's on St. Marks, I stumbled across a used copy of Television's double live disc The Blow Up for a measly $9.99. Once described by RS scribe Rob Sheffield as Television's "most fiery rock and roll," it's one of those records that I've always wanted to own in the back of my mind, but never got around to purchasing. Until I found it for 10 bucks. The sound quality definitely sounds like an audience recording, and there's no knowledge in the skimpy liner notes to say where these songs came from (outside of the fact that it was all recorded in 1978), but it's the only official release of their sick "Satisfaction" cover, and there's geeetar antics all over the place. This is what The Strokes should aspire to sound like. Maybe my best 'used' pick up ever.

so thin and pasty...!


Blogger rajeev said...

i might have given up on it too quickly but the 'today is the day' EP is nothing great in my book. i would try to find the 'little honda' EP instead.

3:27 PM


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