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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Just Because It's the Holidays....

....Doesn't mean that there aren't a bunch of great Jan/Feb shows already onsale. In fact, one of the more interesting byproducts of the holiday season is that everybody completely forgets about early 2005 shows, and then the good ones sell out like hotcakes when folks awake from their holiday stupor. Translation? Now is as good a time as any to buy tickets. Some notables include...

Neko Case and the Sadies -February 13/14 at Bowery Ballroom

Two nights at Bowery always equals high demand. Her solo material is far more on the alt.country tip than her work with the New Pornos, but it's equally fantastic in its own right. Plus, she's coming off of a critically acclaimed live record with The Tigers Have Spoken. Did I mention that she's extremely hot? Guaranteed to sell out sooner than later.

Mission of Burma - January 14/15 at Bowery

Hipsters like MoB. A lot. I'd be very surprised if this didn't sell out.

The Constantines - January 8th at Mercury Lounge

Canada's answer to Fugazi. While I didn't quite care for their 2003 release Shine a Light as much as nearly everyone else did, it's still a very solid record, and these guys have large enough of a following to sell out the Merc.

The Dears - January 15th at Mercury Lounge

Canada's answer to a Brit-pop band circa 1994. Fronted by a dude who's been referred to in the press as "the black Morrissey," the few tracks I've heard are more like a "black Damon Albarn circa Parklife." Seriously. It's frightening/unsettling how much their frontman sounds like 'the cute one.' I haven't really listened to enough of their stuff to say yay or nay, but their fanbase in NYC is unquestionably larger than the Merc is capable of holding. Enough so that I'm shocked that this gig isn't at the Bowery. If you think you wanna go, act now.

The Sountrack of Our Lives - January 18th at Bowery Ballroom

They reportedly now need to include a (TSOOL) after their name in the U.S. because apparently Dick Clark has their band name trademarked to describe his radio shows/NYE parties and the like. I could launch into a discussion as to why this case would be a slam dunk for TSOOL if they weren't nice enough to oblige and decided to proceed to litigation, but I won't. A very fun Swedish band who worship at the altar of Rock Radio-circa 1968-1972, their 2002 disc Behind the Music was one of my favorite albums from that year, and easily one of the better purchases I've made while drunk. Their new record is expected in the States in early '05, and has been racking up solid U.K. reviews for the past 3 months or so. Lots of bitorrents can be found at Largehearted Boy. Opening act Inouk's self-titled debut record is more than a little uneven, but has enough good material to lead one to believe they won't be too offensive to listen to for a half hour, so show up early. This show might not sell out immediately, but I doubt there'll be tickets at the door either.

Low - February 3/4 at Bowery Ballroom

I find Low extremely boring, but I'm in the minority here. Will sell out.


Blogger rajeev said...

yeah low are a bit of a love/hate band but it's worth giving their new one 'the great destroyer' a listen. lots of feedback and distortion, with dave fridmann producing. and on sub pop too. crazy. still very low though. i liked it a lot at first, need more time with it though. i still prefer the old super-chill stuff.

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