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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Random Top Ten for Week of 12/26/04

Dearest apologies for blanking on this last week, but without further ado.....

Top Ten Most Bitchin' Scenes from Godfather Part II (aka-best, movie, ever)

10. Fredo's angry tirade post-Michael discovering he's a turncoat ("I was stepped over!...I'm your kid brother Michael!....I can handle things, I'm smaaaaht!!!").

9. Michael's laughably false sincerity in pretending to forgive Fredo at their mother's funeral.

8. Michael's expressionless door-closing in the face of Kate when she arrives to pick up the children.

7. Signor Roberto's overly sincere/frantic apologies to the young Vito Corleone upon realizing exactly who he is.

6. Hyman Roth getting offed at the airport under tight security after his solemn statement that he was an aging Jew, and yet was still denied entry to Israel.

5. The young Vito Corleone getting his revenge on the Sicilian don responsible for the death of his father, brother, and mother ("my father was Atonio Andolini....and this is for you!!!...(stab!)").

4. (Big smack on the lips) "I know it was you Fredo! You broke my heart....you broke my heart."

3. Frankie Pantangalie (sic) nearly getting murdered by the Rizzoto Brothers at what's actually Bar 7B in the East Village.

2. Any of the amazing scenes in which Hyman Roth lectures Michael about Moe Green, 'the business we've chosen!', or La Cosa Nostra being "bigger than U.S. Steel." They all tend to run together after awhile.

1. When Michael learns from Kate the awful truth about what really became of his future son (shudder).

"We're bigger than U.S. Steel."


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