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Monday, December 20, 2004

Sea Ya!

According to Coolfer, sincere Brooklyn chamber-pop band Sea Ray has called it quits. Judging from the last time I saw them, not a huge surprise. Maybe their label, Self-Starter Foundation, will now have more money to promote Palomar. I was unable to catch the latter's set at the Knitting Factory this past Saturday, but I assume it kicked sugary-sweet power pop ass.

And speaking of sugary sweet, remember the Simpsons episode where Bart and Milhouse take on Springfield Broadway-style after eating the squishee made "entirely of syrup?" I just had a "Mountain Dew-Live Wire" Slurpee and was unable to blink for ten minutes after it was done. Those things are so potent they should be illegal.


Blogger Phil said...

Typically scandalous dave...first, the subject of an entry about a band breaking up because they find being in an independent band too cost prohibitive is "see ya" and second, you aren't surprised by their break up because you realized you didn't love them the second time you saw them in concert...

11:43 AM

Blogger dave said...

Scandalous indeed! And you would expect nothing less. It's dog eat dog in NY indie, and if you don't got 'it' you don't got it.

11:53 AM

Blogger dave said...

Actually, come to think of it, that prior comment and post does indeed make me sound like an a-hole. It's unfortunate when any local act is forced to call it quits for financial reasons, and SeaRay actually had a reasonable following. I certainly wasn't their biggest fan, but that hardly means that they won't be missed.

12:03 PM


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