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Friday, December 03, 2004

Surely I'm Clairvoyant....

Who caught the O.C. last night? I wrote this back in November.

I think it's funny how the Bait Shack never looks sold out, and yet a mediocre "indie"-pop act like the Killers can sell out two nights at Irving Plaza in a day. And are we really supposed to believe that the dark-skinned, renegade groundskeeper kid who's going to royally screw things up between Ryan and Marissa is a Killers fan? C'mon now.

All the bands rockin' the Bait Shack are already huge within their respective circles....Josh Schwartz needs to get a band like X-Wife or Comets on Fire in there (just think...."hey Summer....I just scored two tickets to Comets on Fire! Wanna go?). That would freak the kidz out.


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