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Monday, December 13, 2004

This is Getting Typical

My roommate says that Mets GM Omar Minaya is like that HBO special "Hookers at the Point;" he's talking to everybody and everybody's ignoring him. Tyler Kepner reports as much in today's Times.

Apparently Sexson has gone the way of the dodo, Delgado has turned his affections towards Boston and/or Baltimore, and it's not like anybody actually expected to see Pedro Martinez in a Mets uni anyway. Then there's rumors of somehow disposing of Kaz Matsui in an effort to nab Orlando Cabrera or underutilized Sox 1B Doug Mentckweiz (sic). Whatever. Baseball season can't come soon enough for NY Giants fans.

Dodgers lefty Odalis Perez is more and more seeming like a Plan B, and considering his 3.25 ERA last year, not such a bad one. His 7-6 record is actually deceiving considering he literally had less run support in '04 than Tom Glavine.


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