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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Top 10 For The Week of 12/13/04

I figured this would be as good a time as any to trot out my Top 10 Records of '04. I'm keeping the blurbs purposely short not only because I'm lazy, but because a far more thorough list should be available at Cokemachineglow at the beginning of next week.

1. Franz Ferdinand - S/T

Hugely popular need not mean hugely awful. Extremely catchy and now extremely fashionable. I'd be kidding myself if I said I hadn't listened to it more so than anything else this year.

2. Beta Band - Heros to Zeroes

These guys seriously pissed me off by breaking up. Still their best effort since the 3EP's by a longshot.

3. Interpol - Antics

Very strong sophomore effort. Fantastic production makes for much better headphone listening than their first record. Album three will need to exhibit some stylistic changes though...

4. Arcade Fire - Funeral

Overhyped, but still very good and quite heartfelt. An intrguing amalgamation of Interpol, Neutral Milk Hotel, dancepunk bands, and even The Polyphonic Spree, who still couldn't pull off "Wake Up" on their best day.

5. The Tragically Hip - In Between Evolution

Another fine justifaction for moving to Canada.

6. The Cure - S/T

Borrows liberally from their career highlights, but unquestionably their finest record since Disintegration. Robert Smith sounds angry again!

7. Mclusky - The Difference Between You and Me is that I'm Not on Fire

Wales's reigning clown princes of Albini-fueled ROCK. The band's onstage patter at their gigs is almost more fun to hear than the songs themselves.

8. The Futureheads -S/T

The overlapping vocals on their album have forced me to reconsider the quality of acapella groups (although I probably wouldn't like these guys nearly as much without their guitars), and their live show blew me away. I will never get "Decent Days and Nights" out of my head for as long as I live.

9. Sonic Youth - Sonic Nurse

Let's see you make a record this good when you're 50.

10. Scissor Sisters - S/T

Call me cheesy, I don't care. I like unbelievably catchy, Elton-inspired piano-pop, you don't have to.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes you are extremely cheesy. Arcade Fire never released a self titled album. Yet it is one of your favourites of the year?

Sorry if this appears harsh, I just think if you are going to post this kind of stuff, you could at least get the names of albums right. Also, if you were are real fan of the Beta Band, the Cure or the Tragically Hip, which I suspect you are not, you would know that their albums this year are merely footnotes to their careers. Not to mention that in choosing those sad albums, you are ignoring so many others that came out this year...heard of AC Newman? How about Feist? Stars? The Libertines? Brian Wilson? the Walkman? Animal Collective? Fiery Furnaces?

2:20 AM

Blogger Phil said...

I hope these remarks are from a friend of Dave's just talking shit for fun...and if not...

Dicks like the guy that left these remarks give devoted music fans a bad name. Pointing out that he screwed up the name of the Arcade Fire album is perhaps worth a jab, but to say "if you were are (sic) a real fan of..." then he would know that no self-respecting hipster concerned about earning indie cred would put those on a top 10 list is the stuff that jokes about Other Music clerks are made of (nothing against actual OM clerks, just the stereotype)...What somebody likes is a matter of taste and if he/she happens to love an album by a group that some other fan of the same group considers a "mere footnote" - well reasonable minds can differ. Speaking of being a real fan, I guarantee you that Dave knows a lot more obscure bits about those bands than you.

I hope you are English and your spelling of "favourites" reflects your upbringing, otherwise you are a jackass for that as well...

Do you have anything you put out on the internet that people can anonymously bash? Feel free to rip me apart in the comments section of megamegamega.blogspot.com

10:46 AM

Blogger dave said...

Yeah, I guess the Arcade Fire disc is called 'Funeral.' That's been fixed, and I apologize, oh anonymous one.

The Walkmen are a pretty decent band I'll admit, but I got tired of "Bows and Arrows" pretty quickly. Haven't heard "The Walkman" yet, but I'm told they suck (but not nearly as hard as the second Libertines record does. Jeeeezus.).

11:56 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha, a-holes. i don't have a responsibility to spell anythang correectly, since it is not my blog. i just expect a little more justification for putting the cure and tragically hip on your best of list. i am canadian, so i take pride in spelling favourites the way i do and bands like the tragically hip. even gordon downie himself would not choose that hip album as the best of anything. how is it so good? music is not totally subjective, or else there would be no critics (although you should not consider yourself a critic by any means). a critic is a person who listens to a lot of music and makes an educated choice based on things like originality or instrumentation. you have not made any arguments as to why that hip album places so high on your dumb list, or demonstrated that you have listened to much new music at all. too conservative for my tastes, and i have a right to express my tastes just as you do - under whatever name i choose.
yours truly,

6:27 PM


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