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Friday, December 24, 2004

T'was the night before Christmas....

....which to us Heebs of course means Chinese and seeing multiple movies for 10 bucks via sneaky methods at the Times Square megaplexes.

Sorry for the recent dearth of posts. I've been something as of late that I haven't been in ages-extremely busy.

Not much of note to report except that ESPN had provided a list of ballers to whom the Mets have recently offered minor league contracts. Among the more interesting names-The 43 year old Andres Galarraga, whom this blogger can actually recall fondly from the '86 Expos....perpetually stoned/injured/cranky righty Grant Roberts....and young righty Juan Padilla, who has goggles like Jason Phillips, a wind-up very similar to Freddy Garcia, and who I only saw pitch once last year-the Yankees threw him to the wolves for an inning or two in the famous Varitek-A-Rod brawlgame last season.

And speaking of which...homeboy finally resigned.

Here's hoping Santa hits all y'all up.


Blogger dave said...

I just checked baseball-reference.com and saw that The Big Cat actually had 150 RBIs in 1996 as a Rockie. I had no idea. Granted, Colorado stats are always of the elevated kind, but that's still pretty bitchin' for a 35 year old.

2:14 PM


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