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Sunday, January 09, 2005

(Car) Los Mets.

According to ESPN's baseball index, Carlos Beltran is set to sign with the Mets for 7 years and $119 million, with an 11 million dollar signing bonus and a no trade clause. Granted, the lawyering thing pays pretty well, but it's times like this I wish I spent more of my childhood working on a breaking ball than attempting to save the princess.

John Heyman's Newsday piece uses the phrase "instant credibility" to refer to the Mets after this (and the Pedro) signing, and most Amazin' fans would be hard pressed to disagree. Furthermore, there'll be that much more animosity when the Mets open at Shea against Houston, and they actually play the 'Stros 3 more times this season than other NL Central teams (a strange byproduct of interleague play).

Is it refreshing and gratifying to see a Mets GM go the extra mile and have a notoriously stingy owner open the coffers for once? Of course. The Mets are not a small market ball club, and should not be run like one. If I had ten dollars for each time I muttered a Beltran-derived "holy shit" while watching this past season's NLCS, I could afford season tickets. 42 stolen bases last year, 38 HRs, awe-inspiring defense, and he's only 27. Can he hack it in the Apple? Spring training can't come quickly enough.

How this will impact Floyd/Piazza, and an apparent vacancy at 1B remains to be seen.


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