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Tuesday, January 04, 2005


College Bowl games make for great background noise. Why the hell are Shaq, Gary Sheffield, Pat Riley and Will Ferrell at the Orange Bowl? Don't they have anything better to do? Pete Carroll is one of the more Presidential looking head coaches in the NCAA. The full, white hair, chiseled features of a young John Kerry; dude's in the wrong business. But his team is making unbelieveable catches like they're going out of style. 38 pts. in the 1st half? WTF?

Tickets for the Futureheads at Bowery Ballroom go onsale tomorrow at 12. You want to go to this. I caught them a few months back at Maxwells, and it was easily one of the Top 10 shows I'd seen all year. Their self-titled record was one of my favorite albums of 2004, and the live show is just as tight, and twice as energetic. You will pogo like crazy. Remember how Franz Ferdinand played the Bowery back in February '04 and then they managed to sell out multiple Roseland nights come October? The Futureheads won't do that; they're not quite as cute, more caustic, and their songs deal with the difficulties of human interaction as opposed to girls. But I'm guessing they'll sell the shit out of Irving Plaza come....say, April. Go now.

Back in 1994 I was 15 years old. Green Day's Dookie was completely inescapable. My mom bought the album for my then 12 year old sister, and I refused to like it because I assumed that if my sister owned it, it must be terrible (which is essentially fact most of the time). Only when I was a little older could I admit to myself how much Dookie rocks, and that my sister had the right idea for once. I bought American Idiot last week. It's fantastic. "Jesus of Suburbia" could be the finest thing they've ever done.


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