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Friday, January 07, 2005

Slow Day at the Office.....

Those scandalous Brits at NME are reporting that The Charlatans have entered the studio to record their new record, with a release date of fall '05. "But that's crazy!" you say. "Didn't Up At the Lake come out this past summer, and their last record came out nearly 3 years before that?" The fact that the latter still has yet to be properly released in the States notwithstanding, the answer is yes. This would appear to be an awfully quick turnaround time between records, but the Charlatans rock, so this is good.

Furthermore, they've just signed to Sanctuary Records, which would lead one to believe that the upcoming record might see light of day in the U.S. this time. Did you know that their hedonistic, coke and E driven, dancetastic record Wonderland was released here on 9/11/01? That's why nobody bought it. That's why they got dropped from their U.S. label.

The Charlatans have also posted a newly recorded instrumental track on their website for free download. It's a pretty slight track-just some krautrock doodles that sounds like the backing track to Wilco's "Spiders"-but did I mention it's free? Long live the Charlatans.


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