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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Some Cities bring me diamonds....Some Cities bring me gold...

Apologies for never writing in this thing anymore. I'm still adjusting to the new job, and stress levels the likes of which I've seen....well....never.

Firstly, it's bad enough that Mercury Rev's The Secret Migration came out in the UK on Monday while us Yanks won't see a release on these shores until May (especially egregious considering the Rev are, uh, American and stuff). This is a seriously stupid move on the part of V2 seeing as Mercury Rev easily have a large enough fanbase to...I dunno....sell out Irving Plaza 3 nights in a row, and due to the nature of their cult fanbase, releasing the album in May isn't going to increase sales.

But what's worse is that the album was initially going to be available in full on iTunes on 1/25. Lame, but fair enough. Instead, now iTunes is only offering an "EP" of the first four songs on The Secret Migration. So if you're a huge Mercury Rev fan who is law abiding, you'll pay for these four songs now, and then pay for them again when the record finally comes out. Not cool. Furthermore, the lead off track, "Secret For a Song" has already been available on iTunes for awhile now. So in theory, you could end up paying for that single song 3 times (I suppose you wouldn't have to click it everytime it was offered, but still)! It's a good track, but not that good. What does this translate to? Download it illegally as much as humanly possible, and then be a good sport and buy it in May. Something this incredibly asinine could only be thought up by a record executive.

Elsewhere, my colleagues at cokemachineglow were nice enough to hook me up with a not so legal leak of Doves' Some Cities. Although I have yet to leave the "honeymoon" period with the album, it's a winner so far. Splits the difference between the first two....not as haunted as Lost Souls, not as cheery as Last Broadcast. Highlights so far are easily the swingin' "Black and White Town," "Snowden," "One of These Days" and "The Storm." The only noticeable blight is "Walk in Fire," which is practically a cover of "There Goes the Fear" in a different key. C'mon guys, Doves fans are too intelligent for you to pull that shit. Still, this one is shaping up to be a frontrunner for 'favorite disc of the 1st quarter of '05.' Last I checked, onelouder had posted a few sites where individual Doves tracks could be found. Rock on.


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