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Monday, January 10, 2005

They Took More Drugs Than a Touring Funk Band...SING IT!

If there's any band who would take a sick pleasure in playing a break-up joke on their fanbase, it'd have been Mclusky. However, this seems a little too real. I'm assuming the reasons for their breakup to have been primarily monetary....if they weren't getting along, they sure as hell knew how to hide it onstage. Here's a band that was extremely funny, prolific, darkly sarcastic, and frighteningly heavy with a DNA-coil tight rhythm section. They will be missed by anyone who had the pleasure of seeing them live, or went into spastic convulsions whenever "Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues" or "To Hell With Good Intentions" came on. I suppose they won't be missed by the obnoxious bitch who lives downstairs from my apartment, but if there's going to be no more new Mclusky albums, i'll just be forced to terrorize her with the mountain crushing bass of Do Dallas that much more. For shame.

I recently downloaded the Soft single "Lucky Jam" off of MelodyNelson. It was apparently the one song I recall enjoying from their set at Rothko the other night. That song, alongside the shaggy photos on the band's website, comprise a gigantic neon sign which clearly reads "we love the second Happy Mondays record and we don't care who knows it." Granted, I like Bummed a lot too, and "Lucky Jam" is definitely catchy like a lot of songs on that record, but a serious lack of originality is in evidence. I mentioned the Regular Fries in the previous post, and while they were derided somewhat for milking the baggy sound a few years after its heyday, they actually brought plenty of new ideas to the table-like fuzzy Dave Friddman production, the best Kool Keith guest spot ever, and throwing out fake cheques signed by the band into the audience (plus, they always sounded really stoned). Their War on Plastic Plants isn't such an easy find (never officially released in the U.S.), but it's quality. I can't hate the Soft track outright b/c The Mondays were gods, but it still makes me feel a little icky.

Speaking of gods....I recently downloaded Sleater-Kinney's NYE set off of easytree (kudos to Brooklynvegan and Largeheartedboy), and I can't believe that the start of baseball season will actually arrive sooner than their new record. What a friggin' tease. I think the fourth song is called "Four Seconds." It starts off sounding like a cover of Radiohead's "Blow Out" before an amazing Tucker chorus, and the bridge is a complete beat down which climaxes with Carrie Brownstein screaming LET'S GO! Corin Tucker's guitar sounds like Billy Cox's (as in Hendrix's Band of Gypsies) bass in at least two of the songs. Track seven is 13 minutes. I've said it once, I'll say it again...you play checkers, S-K play chess.


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