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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Weekend Notes...

Yesterday's heartbreaking, but ultimately entirely expected, 20-17 Jets defeat essentially epitomizes Gang Green's everlasting M.O.: if there's a way to lose, we will find it.

Meanwhile, the Pats have held the Colts to a FG with 3 minutes to go in the fourth quarter. 20-3. The Pats will win this game. Say all you want about dome teams being unable to adjust in a snowstorm (was this even on the forecast last night?), but at 21/33 with 188 yds passing, this will prove to be one of the sorriest games of Eli's older brother's career. The Pats will repeat.

I can't write about football as well as I can Mets baseball (or baseball in general), and I can't write about Mets baseball as well as I can NY music (IMO). One thing's for sure though-unless the talent is out of this world, I'm done with shows at the Tribeca Grand. The five Kaiser Chiefs songs I witnessed there last night showed them to be a solid Brit band with plenty of onstage energy and potential (although "I Predict a Riot" was still unquestionably their best song), but I just don't like the way that venue does business. You're forced to wait on multiple lines irrespective of whether the Church Lounge/concert venue/coat check is crowded at all, and the venue itself is always frighteningly crowded and extremely hot. The pre-show DJs have minimal imagination and are too loud for conversation, and the bands never start on time, usually favoring a 1 AM timeslot. The only bands I want to see at 1 AM are Radiohead, Sleater-Kinney, and maybe the Rolling Stones. 8 dollar Heinekens too. Granted, it seems a little whiny to bitch about a chance to see an up and coming band in a swanky hotel when it's techincally free, but 'free' shouldn't be synonymous with 'treated like an animal.' I won't deny that they book good talent, most of which is seeing the East Coast for the first time (e.g. Erol Alkan, Bloc Party), but if a band is really that good, I say see 'em at the Bowery or Merc a month or two down the road.


Blogger rajeev said...

i have problems with the t.grand as well (starting with the door), but i will say that i think of them much more as a place to see DJ's than to see bands. the vibe is much more a band playing a dance club than a proper rock show.

12:29 AM


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