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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Weekender Stuff.....

Hey now. Last night's Tiswas shindig at Don Hill's here in NYC was a bit of a mixed bag to say the least. On one hand, it's proof that having a guest DJ really does bring the peeps out--it was as crowded as I'd ever seen it (at least at 1 AM when the DJs take over). This was in stark contrast to two weeks ago, which I did not attend, but MMM claims featured about 8 people and was nothing short of depressing. Weekly parties seldom have a lifespan longer than 5 years or so, but Tiswas has been around for 10, and the turnout last night was a quick riposte to the idea that the party is dead in the water.

The guest DJ in question was The Charlatans' frontman Tim Burgess, appropriate because he has a vocal spot on the new Chemical Brothers' record, and the party was billed as 'release celebration' for said record. Burgess didn't go it alone, there was another dude in the booth at nearly all times (supposedly part of the Great British House (GBH) crew of Lotus fame), and it seemed to be a bit of a tag team effort, which didn't exactly annure to the party's benefit. When the duo rolled out the expected Tiswas hits (Happy Mondays, Clash, Strokes etc.), it was muy enjoyable, but there was at least a 45 minute lull consisting of nothing but old soul numbers and reggae that nobody (including myself) was familiar with, killing the momentum. It was quite amusing however to see Burgess completely stoked to hear his vocal contributions to the Chems track "The Boxer" blaring over the PA. But while he clearly seemed to enjoy the selections he played from his band's Up at the Lake album, several party goers appeared confused, most likely because that excellent record still hasn't been released here. Hopefully The Charlatans' new record deal with Sanctuary will clear that up. Last round of complaints- a $15 cover charge despite the abundance of posters made for the occasion clearly advertising $10, and the playing of a song from the second Libertines record. The first one is pretty bitchin', but one should never have to hear anything from the second Libertines record at a party, unless the host is dying to send folks packin'.

Bloggers rejoice! The feverishly anticpated New York City Arcade Fire shows are this week.

This is sort of funny...if you attempt to visit the Fiery Furnaces website and forget to include a 'the' before the band name, you're actually taken to a site where you can buy actual household furnaces. Maybe I'm just easily amused. I didn't care for Blueberry Boat nearly as much as the majority of the blogosphere, but I must say that their recently released EP is most excellent and extremely cheery; especially the first three songs. Great listening for those with short attention spans such as myself.

Obligatory Sleater-Kinney note-The Carrie portion of their website was recently updated. Apparently she listens to the Grateful Dead and worships Curb Your Enthusiasm and Strangers With Candy. No surprise. You need good taste to rock that hard.

You may have realized that this site has featured practically nothing from the sports world as of late...expect that to be the norm until Spring Training begins. There's plenty of devoted sports blogs that can cover the offseason (baseball anyway....) stuff far better than I, and I've had even less time to post as of late due to job commitments/stress. Posting about NYC music is quicker and easier. But expect to see plenty of twisted Mets-oriented content from a disgruntled fan when the season begins.


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