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Friday, January 21, 2005

"Where we arrrrrre...."

".....in the blink of an eye you get several meanings." God how I loved getting free Elephant 6-related CDs back in college. That tasty morsel is from Olivia Tremor Control's cumbersomely titled "A Peculiar Noise Called Train Director" (at least that's what I recall) off of 1999's totally kick ass Black Foliage: Animation Music record. According to da 'fork, the aforementioned have been brought out their hiatus for a one off gig at All Tomorrow's Parties '05, running starting on 4/22 somewhere in the U.K.

And who but better to curate the gig than creepy, Republican, Brown Bunny 'auteur' Vincent Gallo, who's to be commended if only because the current ATP lineup doesn't include esoteric Bunny-soundtracker John Frusciante.

Gerard Cosloy is a funny man. And he's probably right about this one. Viva los Mets!


Blogger rajeev said...

that's the name. great record.

6:32 PM


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