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Friday, February 25, 2005

Back to the Future.....

No posts for the past few days = ridiculous working hours/general tiredness/can't bill blogging to the client. My apologies.

OneLouder told me yesterday that The Futureheads are already booked to play Webster Hall in the not-so distant future. I loved them at Maxwells 3 months ago, and I decided to see if they could repeat the magic with their Bowery Ballroom show two days ago.

Futureheads are an excellent live act. They're very comfortable with themselves onstage, (lots of audience banter, jumping up and down, smiling etc.) and they have a knack of making the weaker (relatively speaking) tracks on their album seem like classic hits (e.g; me saying to myself-'this song is great! so why do I always skip it on the record?').

That said, the Bowery gig wasn't quite as electrifying as the Maxwells show; one reason being is that they actually seemed to benefit from being piled on top of one another in Hoboken, if that makes any sense. They're just four average dudes, and while they brought a relatively interesting light show this time around, they at times seemed to be struggling with stage presence. Furthermore, the first 15 or so minutes of the set (about 55 minutes) was plagued with sound separation issues-the guitars seemed too muffled and quiet, and there appeared to be a level of urgency that was lacking. More or less the same setlist as before-all of the record except the acapella track, two b-sides, and a very good new song called "Aria" that sounded rather Police-esque. It's worth noting that they came onstage to the strains of "Bohemian Rhapsody." The audience was treated to hearing the whole song up until the "I see a little silhouette...." portion, at which point the band came out and kicked into "Le Garage." Cute. All in all, a fun time with a justifiably hyped band, but I think I'm going to wait until some new material hits the street before seeing them again. David Fricke was clearly enjoying himself.


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