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Monday, February 28, 2005

Random tidbits...

Comin' at cha on a snowy Monday evening. That means tomorrow is new release day. Among some of the notables?

Doves - Some Cities - I purposely didn't wear out my purloined copy to give me something to look forward to. Doves' third album isn't quite as deliciously moody as it's first, but also isn't nearly as dull as most of side B of The Last Broadcast. They'll never get the full on Coldplay treatment in the States, but they can still demand upwards of $100 bucks for a pair of tickets to their sold out, upcoming Bowery gig.

Manic Street Preachers - The Holy Bible - 10th Anniversary Edition - Interesting that there's a 10th Anniversary Edition of a record that was never officially released in the U.S. I'm looking forward to picking this up because in addition to remastering the tinny U.K. recording, it includes the unreleased U.S. mix, which is reportedly far heavier. Despite liking the most recent Manics record, Lifeblood, very much, I won't argue that nothing they've ever written can measure up to the very angry tirades within THB. Remember-this was before disturbed, Cobain-esque gutiarist Richey Edwards disappeared off the face of this earth, and he's responsible for such luscious couplets like "He's a boy/you want a girl so tear off his cock/tie his hair in bunches/fuck him/call him Rita if you want!"

Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams - White people love Jack Johnson. He makes Dave Matthews look like Chuck D.

50 Cent - The Massacre -Wasn't this supposed to be called The St. Valentine's Day Massacre? I think the single "Disco Inferno" sucks, and Rolling Stone gave it 4 stars. Proceed at your own peril.

Mars Volta - Frances the Mute -I didn't entirely dislike the first Mars Volta record because I'm a Rush fan, and it did have at least 7 minutes worth of serious riffage. But this one got a 2.0 from the 'Fork. And Cokemachineglow scribe Chris Alexander has informed me that it's "the worst album ever." I'm intrigued enough to find it for free somewhere. RS gave this 4 stars too. David Fricke no less.

Speaking of Pitchfork, they were kind enough give an impressive 4.5 stars to the lead off track on Sleater-Kinney's forthcoming The Woods (which I honest to God have yet to hear), but then the reviewer has to squander his good will with some throwaway line about how up until this point, he'd would never had called S-K "fun." Me neither dude. Sleater shows are up there with root canals and the DMV. Smarmy bastard.

Onelouder isn't kidding when they say that the new Dead Meadow record, Feathers, is a quality effort. Their 70's laced, psychedelic sludge rock has been making my ear buds a far more interesting place to be for just under a week now.


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