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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

VH1 Classic + iTunes = $$$

Seriously...they should have an iTunes Music Store page that synchs up directly with whatever happened to be on VH1 Classic All Request Hour that day. Apple would rake it in. Somehow I managed to survive for the past twenty-five years without ever owning a copy of The Fixx's "Red Skies," but iTunes just makes it too goddamn easy to purchase. Only now do I realize how much vocalist Cy Curnin sounds like The Manic Street Preachers' James Dean Bradfield. Other totally superfluous yet homehow completely necessary iTunes purchases? Beck's "E-Pro" single (Beck on autopilot with heavy guitars, still pretty great) and Elvis Costello's recent "Monkey to Man," another song I probably would have never heard were it not for VH1 Classic's "Classic, Current" portion, where old videos are chased by new ones. I've yet to find any other way to see the Cure videos from their latest album.

On April 17th and 18th, Ash and The Bravery are are playing Bowery Ballroom. Ash is an Irish band who play overdriven, excellently produced power-pop, and have a bazillion hit singles across the pond. Their latest effort Meltdown has been out over there since June, but will only see a U.S. release in March (come to think of it, their 2001 release Free All Angels was treated the same way). I would wholeheartedly reccomend that fans of vintage Weezer or Fountains of Wayne check them out. The last time they had a two night run at Bowery was in April 2002...the opening act for night 1? Interpol (night 2 featured South if you're curious). That was my first time seeing Interpol, and to tell the truth, I thought they were Joy Division rip offs and I hated them. I have since changed my tune, as I love both of their two records...just goes to show a live glimpse can sometimes be deceiving. I hated the Secret Machines live before I heard their record too.

As for The Bravery, while I find their singles catchy, I'm gonna paraphrase David Lowery and say that "what the world needs now is another glammy, 80's aping, disco-rific, Strokes-ian band like I need a hole in my head." I think the two bands are actually trading off the headlining spot over the course of the two nights. The hell with that; when The Bravery write their "Shining Light" they can headline. But not until then.

Not only is March 2nd the first of Sleater-Kinney's two nights at the Mercury Lounge, but also the Mets' first spring training game against Montr...I mean, Washington. My cup runneth over March 2nd.

But as fate would have it, March '05 is in general a hell of a month at the Merc. Is it just me, or has the quality of their bookings seemingly increased over the past two years?

March 4th - Calla and Palomar
March 8th - Stars
March 12th - Menomena
March 13th - Magnapop (a reunion show!...I just remember their 1994 120 Minutes song "Slowly, Slowly" ripped off the chorus from Violent Femmes' "Kiss Off")
March 21st - The Go! Team
March 24/25 - Dead Meadow / Jennifer Gentle (a BYOB show...bring your own bong)

I apologize for not hyperlinking any of these bands, and apologize for a dearth of posts. My new job makes me very lazy when I'm not at the office.


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